Day 1, or 3232

Blog Day 1, Day 3232 of my son’s life. Family vacation. Cancun. Day 4 of Vacation. Is vacation with children really a vacation? Our children are 15 and 8. How about vacation with an ADHD child? Well, that is what I want to discuss.

7:30AM. I was woken up with the following, “Dad, lets go. I want a donut. Now Dad.” The day’s generally go better when I awake before my son. I am then prepared for him when he wakes. Today he woke up earlier than I anticipated. To allow my wife to continue to sleep I got up and left the bedroom and entered the living room.  TV on, loud. Empty yogurt container on the ground along with dirty spoon and top to the yogurt container.  Naked boy. Always naked. I asked him what he was doing up so early.  His response, “I peed my bed.” He then continues to bounce off the chair, pace and jump around, asking questions and continually talking about going to get a donut, going to the pool, what today’s plans are, etc. Words do not describe the level of energy bouncing around the room. Not wanting to deal, I try to ignore it.

Still tired, I lie on the couch and ask him to settle down and watch some TV with me for a few. He does not sit, but he says “Ok” when I ask him to give me a few before we walk downstairs to get a donut. Two minutes later…he asks again, and again and again and will continue to do so until he gets his way. There is no pause button, no stop. He is fixated on the donut. I am still on the couch.

Enter my wife, his mom. The dynamic between our son and his mother is much different than the relationship I have with him. He knows he can push her to get his way and the moment he sees her he starts….”Mom, I want a donut.” He now leaves me alone and starts on her.  My wife now turns her attention on me asking if I have given him his morning medication. I have not. I wanted to wait a bit so that the medication duration lasts into the afternoon. My wife and I go back and forth. Tension rises. I tell her we were doing OK prior to her entering the room. She feels otherwise and tells me to leave. I go back into the bedroom.

She gets our son dressed, gives him his medication and heads downstairs to get a donut. When they return, I am making breakfast.  They visited the resorts “Kids Club” on their way back from getting a donut.  This is the new fixation.  He wants to go…now. “Lets go Mom. Now mom. When are we leaving Mom. I want to go now Mom. Where is my hat Mom….and on and on.”

They leave. It is quiet. Amazingly, our daughter is still asleep.  I eat my breakfast.

The donut sits on the counter. Uneaten.